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It befits you for your part not to allow any time to pass by idly, so that in addition to what you learn in common with the whole church you also inquire in private concerning the higher and more perfect things and so conduct the whole span of your life enquiring what are the better things and searching out what is more useful.

— St Basil the Great, the Great Asetikon

4:00am - Rise

The brothers arise early before the mid-night services to fulfil their prayer rule. This is usually a set number of Jesus Prayers followed by intercessions for the dead and the living. The cell rule is strictly private and given to each brother separately by the Abbot. In this way he emulates the Lord’s command: “But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” – Matthew 6:6

5:00am - Midnight Office

Thus begins the day for the community in our small chapel. We start by chanting the midnight office, the service for monks, followed by Orthros, the hours and where possible the Divine Liturgy.

8:00am - Breakfast & Study

After the service the community and guests come together in the refectory for breakfast. The bells are rung 20 times to indicate the end of the Greater Silence. Breakfast is informal and it is our only time to speak with eachother casually. Immediately following breakfast we have a communal scripture study – one chapter of the old and new testaments.

9:00am - Morning Work

The Abbot provides each brother and guest some work to do for the morning. This could be digging, cleaning, making candles, indoor work, caring for the animals and land or whatever is needed at the time. Work is conducted in prayerful attention and silence.

12:00 Midday Prayer

At midday the bells ring again for prayer. We come together in the chapel to read the hours and Typika or on some day sing the Paraklesis to the Most Holy Mother of God. If a Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the morning, only the hours are read.


After the midday services we have lunch in silence. Lunch is usually a simple salad or sandwich. The Synaxarion – the lives of the Saints – is read during the meal.

2:30pm - Afternoon Work

After the lunch the brothers and guests retire to their cells for a short time to rest. Work is allocated to each again for the afternoon period.

5:00pm - Vespers

At 5:00pm we join together in the chapel again for the 9th hour and Vespers. On feasts and special days for the monastery we will celebrate Great Vespers which is longer.

6:30pm - Dinner

The final meal of the day is also observed in silence. We listen to an edifying book selected by the Abbot – usually the life and teachings of one of the Saints or Elders of the Church.


The monastic day ends at 7:45pm. We come together for Small Compline which concludes with the brethren and guests bowing to eachother and asking for forgiveness. After receiving the Abbot’s blessing we retire to our cells. The bells are rung 20 times to signal the start of the Greater Silence – no talking is permitted until after the morning service.

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