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Life During the Virus

It has been a strange existence lately for our community and for the whole world. For us in the monastery we have been blessed greatly during this Pandemic, but also feel pain along with everybody else in that we cannot be physically united with the rest of the Lord’s Faithful. Ironically, we do not usually have a priest for the Divine Services at weekends (although we do all of the monastic reader services) as Fr Philip travels to Lincoln to take the services there. Since the start of lockdown, Fr Philip has been with us full time which has been a blessing. We have been able to celebrate all of the services of the church properly and with many Divine Liturgies every week. We have remembered you all in our prayers and services, and many of you have sent long lists of names for both the living and departed via this website. Please be assured that your loved ones (and sometimes those you hate!!) are being prayed for.

We were reluctant at first to livestream our services. Monastic life ideally should be hidden and should not be paraded in front of the world. Gradually we got used to the idea that the Faithful were consoled by watching our services from home and very often taking part in them via their own icon corners and within their own prayers.

Our technology leaves a lot to be desired; that coupled with the fact that we have a very poor internet signal which doesn’t allow for a high quality stream. You can find our Youtube channel here. We use Fr Philip’s smartphone to stream, a tripod (not meant for the phone), a few bits of string, a few bits of tape, a few bits of cardboard and a lot of good will. This seems to work for now!

The absence of visitors has been strange. There are usually always visitors here. This has allowed us to become closer as a community and spend much more time with eachother. We have benefited from the silence enormously but we are looking forward to opening our gates again to our friends and supporters very soon.

Your prayers.

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