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Services & Typikon

We do not currently have a priest available every day. Where the Liturgy is not served, the Typical Psalms (Typica) is served after the midday hours by the monks. On feast days, services may be longer so the activities which follow may be delayed (breakfast, scripture study, lunch etc).

5:00am Midnight Office, Matins, Liturgy or First Hour
8:00am (directly after prayer) Breakfast, followed by community scripture study
9:00am Morning Work
12:00pm Third Hour, Sixth Hour, Typika (if no Liturgy was served in the morning).
Paraclesis for those who have asked for our prayers (Mondays).
1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Silent period (prayer, reading etc)
2:30pm Afternoon Work
5:00pm Ninth Hour, Vespers
6:30pm Dinner
7:45pm Compline
8:15pm Retire. Greater Silence.

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